Upgrading your apartment’s lighting abilities doesn’t have to involve a difficult, messy renovation project – or a hefty price tag. With so many great reasons to incorporate more light into your Mizzou student apartment, here are a few of our tips to make it happen. 

Lamps, lamps, lamps

Table lamps, floor lamps, hanging lamps – no matter what lamps suit your fancy for your Mizzou student apartment, you can never go wrong with adding to your current status to enhance your space! Depending on the type of light you’re hoping to bring into your space, choose a lampshade that coincides with the current colors of your home, and opt for a softer light bulb over a blue-toned or LED bulb. 

Task lighting

Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like: light that is used during specific tasks. Think desk lamps for your office, under-cabinet lights in your kitchen, and bedside lights to read in bed. This way, you have more direct light on the items you’re actively using, and don’t have to deal with casting shadows from distant overhead lights. 


Just because you can’t add a new window in your Mizzou student apartment doesn’t mean you can’t add a little more light reflection! Adding medium to large sized mirrors on walls opposite to your windows will allow for more light to be reflected across your apartment. The best part? No hassle with your drywall. 


Whether you opt for controllable bulbs or swap out your whole fixture, dimmable lights are the perfect way to control the lighting in your apartment, no matter the time of day, or the weather outside. Who said gloomy outdoors had to equal gloomy indoors? Turn your lights up when doing highly visual tasks such as cooking and cleaning, and dim them when sitting and watching TV, hosting, and more.

Soft light

As we lightly touched on earlier in the blog, your lighting should offer a warm, comforting ambiance to your home, and this can’t be done with bright, cold-toned, LED-type bulbs that instead emit the feeling of cold doctors offices and waiting rooms – and no one wants that. Instead, opt for warmer, soft-light bulbs with light to minimal shades or covers to bring a softer sense of coziness to your Mizzou student apartment


What are some of your favorite ways to enhance the lighting in your home? Let us know! We love hearing from you.

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