What’s the best meal you’ve made in your kitchen at your Mizzou apartments? If you don’t have an answer, we can help you change that. A lot of college students resort to frozen dinners and microwaveable meals when they’re not eating out, but that’s not the healthiest — or most affordable — way to find nourishment.

If you want to feel like you’ve got more money in your bank account and more energy to go with it, try buying fresh ingredients and cooking at least one meal from scratch every day. You’ll be shocked by how much better you feel and how much less you’ll be spending on food. The only catch is that you’ve got to learn how to cook!

That’s where we come in. In the blog post below, you’ll find some simple cooking tips that will help you make better tasting meals that you actually look forward to eating. Without further delay, let’s get right to the post! When you’re done reading through it, we’d love it if you could share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at your community of Mizzou student apartments.

Add acids when you add salt

You’ve been adding salt to food since you were a little kid, but have you been pairing that salt with something acidic? Only by pairing the two ingredients can you bring out the full flavors of your food. We recommend buying limes and lemons every time you go to the grocery store so that you have something acidic handy when you’re cooking. If you’re having trouble getting enough juice out of a lemon or lime, try microwaving it for a few seconds before you squeeze it.

Heat up olive oil and garlic first

There are three things you should do before you put any real ingredients into your pan. First, add olive oil instead of butter to keep your meals healthy and fat-free. Next, add garlic to the pan to bring out some extra flavors. Finally, allow everything in the pan to heat up before you add any food. By heating up the pan before you add food, you’ll be able to keep as much moisture in your food as possible.

Dry all meat with a paper towel before cooking

Picture the last delicious steak, chicken breast or seafood dish you ordered at a restaurant. It probably had a caramelized exterior that packed tons of flavor. That’s what made it taste so good, and that’s what you should hope to create when cooking meat at home. By drying the meat before you cook it, you can sear the outside and create that flavorful coating.

That concludes our list of simple cooking tips, but we’ll be back soon with more blog posts! We’d like to thank you for taking some time out of your day to read this latest blog, and we hope that you get the chance to put these cooking tips to good use. If you do make some amazing meals using these tips, be sure to snap some pics and share the results with us on social media!

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