Snake Plants

Low light, low water, low care – the snake plant is literally the definition of low maintenance when it comes to house plants! Any plant that can go up to 8 weeks without being watered AND helps to purify the air in your apartment is one that goes on our must-have list. Not only are they easy to care for, they’re going to be a beautiful addition to any plant lover’s home, as they come in many different variations.

Monstera Deliciosa

Monsteras have become the new rising star of the plant world in recent years for many reasons – and every one of them is a reason why you should add them to your apartment! Not only are they beautiful, they’re pretty low maintenance when it comes to watering and lighting. If you’re looking to keep growing your plant collection, Monsteras are one of the easiest plants to propagate as well! 

ZZ Plant

The ZZ is one that looks like it would be a lot of work since it’s so stunning, but in reality, it couldn’t be more low maintenance. They can thrive in any environment, and you’ll even see them grow in the shade, which is unheard of in most other plants. 


Ferns are one of the most popular apartment plants because of their ease to care for, and their versatility! Ferns can be found in any size you’ll need for your space, and they can exist in just about any environment you put them in. To really see them thrive, rooms that see a higher level of humidity like kitchens and bathrooms are an excellent location for these bad boys. 


Not only are they easy to care for in an apartment, Pothos will always make a stunning addition to any home thanks to their vibrant patterns. Any plant that looks this good and isn’t picky about light, water, or soil is definitely one you want to add into your home! Similar to the Monstera, Pothos are one of the easiest plants to propagate, so you can literally cover your entire apartment from only purchasing one plant. Who said having a plant obsession had to be pricey?


Whether you’re a true plant lover or are just looking to bring some life into your home, we hope these tips on the best apartment plants help you care for your new plant babies at your Mizzou off-campus apartment!

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