August 30, 2018

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What are your goals for the this fall? If you ask us, every resident of our Mizzou apartments should set some goals for the new semester, whether they’re as big as getting all A’s or as small as finding the energy to go to the gym once per week.


The thing about college is that everything is connected. Your health affects your sleep schedule which can affect your grades and so on. It all starts with your health, however, which is why that’s the topic of this week’s blog!


In the post below, we’ll be sharing some helpful advice that should help you stay healthy during the stressful fall semester. Maybe you already go to the gym every day, but you wish you ate a bit healthier. Maybe you cook for yourself every night and get your food at farmers markets, but you can’t find time to hit the gym. Whether you feel like you’re making healthy choices or not, the tips in this week’s post can help you make more healthy choices this semester so you can have more energy and less stress.


Let’s get right to the list, shall we? When you’re done reading through it, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at your community of Mizzou student apartments.


Buy food you’ve never bought before


When it comes to your diet, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. This is especially true in college, when you rarely have time to cook full meals. If you’re eating the same stuff every week, you probably have some gaps in the kind of nutrition you’re putting into your body. Try shopping in a different aisle in the grocery store, or grabbing a couple vegetables that you’ve always seen but never actually tried. The more variety you put into your diet, the fewer nutrition gaps you’ll have.


Don’t have an “all or nothing” approach to exercise


Even if you don’t have an hour to spend at the gym, you can still sneak in a workout. A lot of people take an all or nothing approach to workouts, meaning that they either go to the gym for a full workout or they don’t workout at all. If you don’t feel like you have time for the full workout, find time for an ab circuit, a quick jog or a few pushups. Every little bit counts, and you’ll feel better once you get your heartrate up.


Pack snacks


If you’re the type of person who gets cravings and acts on them, you can understand the importance of packing snacks. If you eat healthy snacks throughout the day to keep yourself full, you’ll be a lot less likely to give in to the urge to stop at every fast food joint you pass.


With that, we’ve hit the end of our list of healthy lifestyle tips! We’d like to use this space to thank those of you that have been coming back week after week to read the latest brand new blogs from University Place. If we’ve done our job this week, you should have a whole new list of ways you can live healthier and have more energy throughout the fall semester.


We’d love to see you back here in a couple weeks when our next post goes live! If you liked this post and want to be the first to see the next one, go ahead and bookmark our blog page so you can enjoy easy access to it when our next post goes up in a few weeks. While you wait for that next post to go live, be sure to follow University Place on social media. That way, you’ll always be in-the-know regarding events, promotions and giveaways going on at your community of affordable apartments near Mizzou.

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