Where are the University Place Apartments located?

University Place is located on the corner of College Street and University Avenue in Columbia, Missouri. Click here for Driving Directions

What will I need to bring when I move in and what furnishings are included with the apartment?

University Place supplies basic furnishings, including: a bed, desk, dresser and chair in each bedroom. In the living room there will be a couch, small chair, end tables, a dining table with chairs and lighting fixtures. The kitchen is furnished with a refrigerator, dishwasher, stove/oven and garbage disposal. Things that we do not furnish, and thus are the tenants responsibility, are listed below:* Linens (sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, etc.
* Television (DVD player, other entertainment systems)
* Coffee Table
* Kitchen Accessories (pots and pans, plates, silverware, glasses, cooking utensils, etc.)
* Small kitchen appliances (coffeemakers, microwaves, toasters, blenders, etc.)
* Small basic appliances (telephones, answering machines, stereos, alarm clocks, etc.)
* Computer (If you bring your own computer, a surge protector is also recommended)
* Toiletries (toilet tissue, paper towels, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc.)
* Iron/Ironing Board
* Cleaning Products (brooms, cleaning chemicals, mops, etc.)

What if I don’t have a roommate, but still want to move in?

No problem. At University Place we do have a roommate referral system and we will do our best to place you with someone with similar preferences and habits (i.e. non-smokers, night/morning people, etc.) Therefore it is not necessary to have a roommate picked out when you sign a lease.

How much is the rent?

The rent varies depending on the number of people in the apartment and the length of the lease desired. See our Rate Sheets for more information.

What is included in the rent?

The rent at University Place includes all the utilities (electric, gas, water & sewer), cable TV, HI-speed Internet, central air conditioning, heat and the furnishings listed above.

What should I do if something is broken in my apartment?

If there is an emergency in your apartment, contact the office immediately in person, or via the phone at 443-3798, or, after hours at (573) 823-3411. If the problem is something that is not an emergency, you can use our online maintenance request form.

What should I do about a loud neighbor?

While noise is not typically a problem at University Place, in the event that you have a noisy neighbor, contact the office at the appropriate number, and we will take care of it. This eliminates any tenant-to-tenant tension being caused.

Where and when do I pay my rent?

Rent at University Place is due between the 1st and the 5th of the month, although you can pre-pay as far in advance as you like. Rent can be hand delivered to the office or mailed to 1205 University Avenue, Suite 1000, Columbia MO. 65201. After the 5th, a $30 late fee will be assessed.

How do I pay rent on-line?

This feature is easy to use. Simply click here and you can enter in all your information. We have several payment options including paying for one months rent, paying for multiple months rent. The choice is up to you how you would like to pay. Simply click here and follow the instructions on setting up your account.

What are University Place’s lease terms of agreement and rules and regulations?

View the Lease Agreement here. University Place lease terms of agreement and rules and regulations are included in the lease.

How many square feet are the units at University Place?

Our two bedroom units are 710 square feet and our three bedroom units are 910 square feet.

Can I see an apartment floorplan?

Yes, Click Here

What is UPA’s smoking policy?

University Place is completely SMOKE FREE! Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building.

What should I do if I lock myself out of my apartment?

If you are locked out during regular office hours or when the desk attendant is on duty you can just stop by the office to borrow a set of keys after showing proper ID.

If you are locked out after these hours, you can call our after-hours emergency number (573-823-3411) and one of our maintenance men will come in to open your door for you. PLEASE NOTE- THERE IS A THIRTY DOLLAR ($30.00) CHARGE IF A MAINTENANCE MAN NEEDS TO LET YOU IN AND THIS FEE NEEDS TO BE PAID AT THE TIME THE DOOR IS OPENED.

How do I sign up for a parking space?

Parking spaces are available for lease at a cost of $250 per semester for residents of UPA and $300 per semester for non-residents. If you would like to lease a parking space please download and print our Parking Lease Agreement. You can call the office (573-443-3798) for help in completing the agreement and for payment instructions.

What are the procedures for checking out at the end of my lease?

Download Check Out Procedure

How do I get a phone installed in my apartment?

In order to have a “land-line” phone in your apartment you will need to call CenturyTel at 1-800-201-4102.

How do the security doors in the lobby work?

The front entry door is open during regular business hours. At other times, you will need your UPA issued FOB to gain entrance to the building. The rear entrance is always locked. If you have a visitor, you can view Channel 987 to see if they are at the security doors before going to the lobby to admit them. Obviously, it is in everyone’s best interest not to open the door for individuals who do not have a FOB of their own.

Where’s the Fitness & Weight room?

The Fitness & Weight Room is located on the second floor between the elevator landing and the east wing and is available 24 hours a day. Weight machine pins and a key for the treadmills can be checked out at the office with either the office personnel or a desk attendant.

How do I start receiving mail?

To start receiving mail in your mailbox (ground floor near lobby), please fill out a change of address form available in the mailroom and drop it in the mail slot located below the shelf. When filling out the form, be sure to use your specific apartment number. Please list your name as well as the names of all your roommates.

Where are the Laundry and Vending areas?

Laundry facilities and vending machines are available on the ground floor. All the laundry equipment uses a prepaid card system. A card will be provided to you upon move-in and needs to be returned at the conclusion of your lease. Funds must be “loaded” on the card using the VTM machine located in the laundry area. If you have any problems with the laundry facilities or vending machines please contact the office.

Where do I take my trash?

Tenants are responsible for taking all trash to the dumpster located on the northeast side of the parking lot near College Avenue. Trash should not be allowed to accumulate in your apartment due to potential bug problems. If we are forced to remove trash from your apartment, you will be charged for both the trash removal and the exterminator. Do NOT put your trash in or next to the dumpster in the neighboring parking lot…the police will issue a citation!

Who do I call with a maintenance problem after the office is closed?

If you have an EMERGENCY after the desk attendant is gone, you should call our Emergency After Hours number 573-823-3411. Charges may be assessed for non-emergency calls made to this number. There is a $30 fee to open your apartment in the event of an after hours lock out.

Is there a pest control program?

We have an aggressive pest control program here at University Place. All apartments are treated immediately if pests are noted by either residents or UPA personnel. THE BEST PEST CONTROL PROCEDURE IS TO KEEP YOUR APARTMENT CLEAN ALL THE TIME! REPEATED CLEANLINESS PROBLEMS WILL RESULT IN EVICTION!

When do I pay my rent?

Rent is due on the first of each month (except for August which is due when you move in). Rent not paid by the 5th will result in a $30 late charge. We accept checks, money orders and Traveler’s Checks. Online payments are also accepted and can be made up to midnight on the 5th of the month before a late fee is charged. Online payments are also subject to NSF charges.

What should I do if I lose my apartment keys or FOB?

Replacement FOBs can be obtained in the office for $10. Lost apartment keys can be replaced for $2.50 per key and mail keys cost $35.00 to replace. Laundry cards can be replaced for $10.00.

Where should I park my bicycle?

For your convenience, several bicycle racks are provided in front of the building and in the parking lot near the rear entrance. Bikes should not be taken up to your apartment due to the marks they leave on the walls, stairwells, and carpeting. Bikes locked to trees, signs, or handrails will be removed.

What do I do if someone is parked in my parking space?

Given the tight parking situation here in Columbia, people are sometimes tempted to take advantage of UP’s location, particularly when an empty parking space is spotted ten minutes before a class is scheduled to start. If you find someone in your assigned parking space, please contact someone in the office or a desk attendant who will either have the car moved or towed.

Where should my visitors park?

If someone is visiting you who has a car, it is necessary for them to stop by the office and get a temporary parking tag from either the office staff or desk attendant. Individuals who do not take the time to obtain this temporary tag may be towed.

Where can I smoke in University Place?

University Place is completely smoke-free. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building. Your lease provides for a $250 Room Recovery Fee to be collected by UPA in the event anyone smokes in the apartment.

What do I do if my smoke detector is beeping?

All apartments have working smoke detectors when you move in. It is for your own safety that you maintain a working detector. It is also the law! When you hear a “chirping” sound from your detector it is your responsibility to replace the battery. DO NOT take the battery out to use in your alarm clock, remote control, or other device…You are putting yourself and everyone in the building at risk if you disable the smoke detector…It’s NOT worth it!

Are there specific Move-In/Move-Out procedures?

By the time you have received this packet of information you have pretty much completed all the move-in procedures required. One final step, however, is to complete the Move-In/Move-Out Report which is included in this packet. One report should be completed for each apartment.

It is your responsibility to complete the “Move-In Exceptions” section of this report. Anything having to do with the condition of the apartment when you take possession that you wish to document should be noted on this report, signed by all tenants and returned to the office. A copy of this report will be kept in your file until the conclusion of your lease.

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