Simple Cooking Tips from your Mizzou Apartments

August 30, 2018

  What’s the best meal you’ve made in your kitchen at your Mizzou apartments? If you don’t have an answer, we can help you change that. A lot of college students resort to frozen dinners and microwaveable meals when they’re not eating out, but that’s not the healthiest — or most affordable — way to […]

Healthy Lifestyle Tips from your Mizzou Apartments

August 30, 2018

  What are your goals for the this fall? If you ask us, every resident of our Mizzou apartments should set some goals for the new semester, whether they’re as big as getting all A’s or as small as finding the energy to go to the gym once per week.   The thing about college […]

Best Ice Cream Shops near your Mizzou Apartment

August 16, 2018

Have you found your new go-to place for ice cream near your Mizzou apartments? If not, we’re here to help. Columbia gets hot in the summer and stays hot through the early part of fall semester, which means you’re going to have to find a way to beat the heat. If you ask us, the […]

Sleep Advice from your Mizzou Apartments

August 16, 2018

As the most resident-friendly community of Mizzou student apartments, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help our residents live their best, healthiest lives. This week, we’re doing that by talking about the most important thing in most people’s lives; sleep! Being a college student often means wanting to sacrifice sleep in the name of studying […]

Simple Summer Recipes from your Mizzou Apartments

July 17, 2018

Have you had a chance to whip up some summer meals in your new Mizzou student apartments? Whether you’re new to the apartment life or you’ve been living here for awhile, it’s always a good time to think about learning some new recipes that you can cook for yourself or your friends. You don’t have […]

The Best Restaurants near your Mizzou Apartments

July 17, 2018

Your favorite community of affordable apartments near Mizzou is back with another brand new blog post! This week, we’re talking about the best restaurants in and around downtown Columbia. Whether you’re in the mood for casual bites or an upscale experience, the list of restaurants below has got what you need. The Downtown Columbia dining […]

Find the Best Layout for Your Mizzou Apartments

July 17, 2018

Still trying to figure out how to organize your Mizzou apartments? Every floor plan is different, but we’ve got some tips that can help you make the most of your space. Whether you just moved in or you’ve been here for month, it’s always a good time to rearrange your furniture. Not only can it […]

The 4 Best Cafes Near your Mizzou Apartments

July 17, 2018

Welcome to the first ever blog post from University Place apartments near Mizzou. Twice per month, we’ll be posting a  brand new blog about Columbia’s best dinner destinations, coffee shops, lunch spots and brunch spots. We’ll also be doling out advice about student living, decorating your first apartment, and much more. Whether you check this […]

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